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Monday, 6 May 2013

Chalk Paint

I have already raved about Annie Sloan paint (pictured here) in my Orla Kiely Vintage Cabinet blog in February, but wanted to experiment with this product some more.

This weeks project was to use this £4.50 pot of Chalk paint to breath new life into a few household items.

On all these projects I only used one coat of paint and after all these projects and others, I still had half of this tester pot left, so it is extremely good value.
Firstly I wanted to decorate this old tin into something a little more tasteful.

With one coat of paint I totally transformed the tin, and now I can label it with chalk to specify what its contents are...

Recently I have felt challenged to encourage our family to grow in the Fruits of the Spirit as named in the Bible - 'Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self Control.

I used the Chalk Paint to create a chalk board on our kitchen door. Rather than painting a simple square I drew a house shape with pencil and then painted it with the chalk paint. Once dried it acts as a normal chalk board.  Now I can write in chalk a Fruit of the Spirit that we will focus on each week. The chalk can easily be wiped off with a wet cloth allowing you to change the writing easily.

I finished off my door with these words from a verse in Deuteronomy. I wrote them on in pencil first and then used the Chalk Paint to paint the letters on.

This can be adapted to fit your home situation, but it is a great way to have a custom made chalk board that you can use for the children, or to remind you of shopping lists/chores/etc that need to be done...

Here are a few simple projects for everyday items around the house. The chalk paint means I can re-label products easily.

Here are little jars for the children to store their tooth brushes and tooth paste. I used old jam jars and painted one side with the Chalk Paint. The children were so pleased with their jars and it has kept our bathroom much tidier!

Here is a glass jar that I bought a long time ago from Ikea. I often change the contents of it from water to milk to squash.

The simple rectangle I painted on is decorated with dots of paint around the outside.

It took only two minutes to paint this and means that I can change the label on it depending on the contents.

Here is an old tea tray that I have sitting in the bottom of a draw. I often forget what drinks I have made for people and now I have painted it with the Chalk Paint I am able to label up the tray before giving it to our visitors. You could do this with a cheese board to mark the different cheeses you have.

Finally, here is the finished tin. The paint leaves metal and glass with a lovely matt finish. This looks so much prettier than the glossy metal finish of normal tins and will make quite lovely boxes for biscuits and cakes to use as presents near Christmas time.

Annie Sloan Paint comes in a lots of colours and can be bought locally at Sharland and Lewis in Nailsworth.

For all these projects I have used 'Graphite' coloured paint. Do let me know what you have done with your Chalk Paint.


  1. Your chalk writing looks much better than normal chalk.... What are you using and oes it simply come off with water? If so do the tooth brush holders need to be wriiten with wet fingers etc?

  2. Faboulous ideas, thanks for sharing!
    LOVE your handwriting, and also the jam jar organising

  3. I actually bought a 'chalk pen' from a hardware store for £2. It acts just like chalk, so you can wipe off with a damp cloth. It is the same chalk that shops use when drawing their advert boards outside their shops…Hope this helps!