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Monday, 3 June 2013

Little girls hairstyles

I have two lovely girls: Jessie who is 8 and Molly who is 6. I normally insist that their hair is platted for school each day to limit the chance of nits, and because they look very cute! This week my creative challenge was to put their hair into a different style each day.

As you can imagine trying to get four children out of the house to school in the morning is not aways  a relaxed affair,  so these ideas are measured for time and complexity.

Day 1:

I saw a picture of this hairstyle and loved it immediately. I am not sure if I have done it right, but I love the result. I divided Jessie's hair into three sections on the top and loosely tied them into hair bands. Then I made a hole through the top section of hair and pushed the hairband and each little ponnytale through the hole until it rested back on her head.

This would be a great hairstyle for any girl with shorter hair too.

Difficulty:  Easy
Time: 2 minutes
Results: Still in at school pick up time!

Day 2:

This hairstyle assumes you know how to do a french plait. If not then you may want to practice doing it straight down the head first until you feel confident to do it on the side. Watch this link for a French Plait tutorial.

I plaited Molly's hair from right to left and gathered all the final hair into a ponytail on the side.

Then I twisted the ponytail into a knot and added a flower clip to pretty it up!

Difficulty:  Moderate/Difficult
Time: 6 minutes
Results: Still in at school pick up time!

Day 3: 

Here is Jessie with her hair split into four (parting down the middle and then from the top of each ear).

I put the top sections up and then crossed the small ponytails and scooped up the rest of the hair into the bottom ponytails.

I have to confess I did need her help to hold the bottom ponytails at some point.

Difficulty:  Moderate
Time: 4 minutes
Result: Still in (but not as neat) at school pick up time.

Day 4: 

This is a French Plait along the top of the head but only introduces hair from the face side. I have found it looks much prettier than a normal French Plait hairband look because the plait doesn't get too thick.

You could either pin the plait behind the ear to wear the hair down, or you could tie all the hair into a side ponytail.

Difficulty: Moderate
Time: 4 minutes
Result: Very loose at school pick up time

 Day 5:

This is the most difficult of this weeks styles. It needs practice.

Divide the hair into two, like bunches but only tie one side up. On the other side gather the front section of hair and split into two. Knot the hair as if you are tying a shoe lace. Pull tight.

Now add a new section (like you do with a French Plait) to each of the two sections you already have, and knot again. Pull tight and repeat until you are satisfied with it. Then gather all the hair that is left on this side of the head and tie in a hairband.

Repeat on the other side of the head.

Difficulty:  Complicated but easier once you have the knack!
Time: 8 minutes
Results: Still in at school pick up, but wouldn't be if her hair was much shorter.

Day 6:

My husband has offered to do today's hair…watch and learn!

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  1. LOVE the fancy method but, your husband's method is sooo hilarious!