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Monday, 4 March 2013

5 minutes projects

For many of us life is full and frantic and the thought of spending hours on hobbies or crafts is a dream that starts and ends reading a blog like this!

In an attempt to encourage you into creativity this week I am blogging three 5-minute projects that anyone can accomplish.

Pretty FlowerPots 

For the first project you will need empty cans, double sided sticky tape and decorative paper (wrapping paper, wall paper or scrap paper will be perfect).

I measured the height of each can, and to ensure I cut my paper in a straight line I aways fold it first making sure the edge of the paper lines up. This will ensure the width of the paper is the same all the way along. I used sticky tape on both edges of the paper and carefully stick the paper onto the can and then wrapped it around.
You can see from this photo that I have used different shaped cans, and different paper, though with some pretty flowers these brightly coloured cans have added some real flavour to my table.

I love that this project is not only quick and easy, but that it uses old and cheap materials and brings so much cheer.

It took me 4-minutes to make all four of these cans.

Scrummy Chocolate Lollypops 

I love handing my children something delicious to eat straight after school.

These fun chocolate lolly-pops are so easy to make and you can vary the theme easily.

Firstly I melt a bar of Tesco Value White Chocolate (30p a bar) in the microwave. I put half the chocolate in a microwavable bowl and put it in for 30 seconds at a time. Stir well after each 30 seconds and once it is all melted add the remaining chocolate and stir until all melted.

Whilst the chocolate is in the microwave I draw around a roll of tape onto some baking paper. If you use a dark enough pen you can turn the paper over and still see the mark on the other side.

I do this to ensure that all my lolly pops are the same size and so I don't get any unhappy children!

Once the chocolate is melted lay lollypop sticks onto the round shapes and gently pour the chocolate over the circles.

Whilst this is cooling melt one small square of dark chocolate in the same way (though with so little chocolate you will not need long at all).

With a spoon drizzle some of the dark chocolate over the white chocolate (see the two lollypops on the right), and using a knife or lollypop stick pull the chocolate around to create a marbled effect (see the two lollypops on the left).

Once you have completed the marbling you can add any flavours you fancy.

I sprinkled freeze-dried strawberries, but you could use smarties, toffee pieces, cranberries, fudge or sprinkles.

These took just under 5 minutes to make, which included the time it takes to melt the chocolate. It takes almost an hour to set at room temperature.

Lovely Pin Cushions

To make these sweet pin cushion you will need some pretty fabric, some wadding or cottonwood, a small container (like these mini buckets or an old tea cup) and a hairband. These buckets were £1 from Hobbycraft.
Turn the fabric over so the print is unseen. Place the wadding or cotton wool in the middle of the fabric and wrap the fabric around the fabric. Collect up the edges and tie together with a hairband or elastic band.

If you want to trim off the excess fabric do, then place it into your receptacle.

I didn't need to fasten mine, but you could glue yours onto the bucket or cup using a glue gun.

This took me under a minute and has proven to be a very useful addition to my craft room.

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