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Monday, 25 March 2013

Three Easter crafts

This week I have put together three easy craft projects that are perfect for Easter. I hope you will enjoy reading about them and maybe have a go at making them on your own, or maybe with a child!

First are these adorable little eggs, which are perfect for filling up with chocolate mini-eggs. I made them with my little girls who helped with the cutting, sticking and then sewing.

First I cut out a template of an egg about 12cm long from thick cardboard. I also cut out one slightly smaller for the patterned fabric. You need two felt eggs made from the larger template and one smaller patterned egg. I then used bondaweb to stick the patterned fabric onto one of the felt eggs, but you could use fabric glue or sew them together.

Then I cut a zigzagged line across the second felt shape to look like a cracked egg.

Here is Jessie sewing the two felt eggs together around the bottom of the egg using embroidery thread.

We filled our eggs up with mini-eggs and look forward to handing them out in the coming week.

With Spring looking less and less likely to ever turn up I have decided to bring some colour and fun into our home with these brightly coloured tree branches.

I selected some branches from the garden, scraped off the dirty layer of bark and dried them for a day or two.

Then I set about making the leaves for my Spring branches. I made a leaf template that I drew around onto all the scraps of paper that I have. I used a variety of scrap-book paper, wrapping paper and wall paper.

Each leaf needs two layers of paper with some garden wire sandwiched between. Now you can twist the wire onto your branch to display your leaf as desired.

I found the easiest way to do this was to wrap the wire around the branch several times and then stick another leaf on the end of the wire to finish it off.  This project did take a while, but it is not hard. Perhaps a good one to do whilst watching TV!

As a Christian Easter is one of my favourite celebrations. The centre of my faith is around Jesus coming back to life after being so brutally killed. The cross could not contain Jesus, and so Easter celebrates all that Jesus accomplished.

I wanted to make something for our home that would celebrate the empty cross, and so I had fun making this simple and yet profound picture. I used an IKEA frame and removed the glass. I cut strips of tissue paper and layered them over the glass and then stuck them on. I made sure there was always a layer of glue under and over each strip of tissue paper.

I have heard lots of American crafters talking about ModPodge and finally found some in Hobbycraft. I enjoyed using it, but I think you can get the exact same effect using PVA glue.

The following day the glue had dried and I was able to put the glass back into the frame, minus the cardboard back. This allows the sun to stream through the picture making it look like a stain glass window.

I then added a cardboard cross that I cut out and stuck straight onto the front of the glass. Had I done this project before I think I would have stuck the cross onto the glass first and then stuck the tissue paper over, but you learn as you go!

I hope you have a wonderful Easter and that you know something of Jesus' deep love for you. Let me leave you with these words of Jesus himself…

'I am the Way, the Truth and the Life'

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