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Monday, 7 October 2013

£10 note shirt and tie

I have always wanted to make a shirt and tie out of money…here is how you can make one too…

Firstly, you need to make your £10 note similar proportions to an American dollar bill, so fold 5mm off the side of your note (see photo above). This fold should be kept folded all through this project. It doesn't make any difference to the feel or shape of the final shirt and tie as the fold ends up in the middle.

Now fold the whole thing in half and undo it to reveal the central crease.

Fold two triangles in from each side into the middle in a similar way to how you make a paper aeroplane.

Fold the large triangle end over.
Using a pencil and ruler draw a tie shape from the middle line of the base of the triangle to the top. The tie can be as thick as you like, though I have drawn mine about 5mm from the middle point of the triangle on each side.

I have used a pen so you can see my tie, but you should use a pencil as it is much less obvious.

Now open it out to reveal the tie lines.
Carefully fold down the middle line of your note until you get to the tie shape where you should fold down the lines you have drawn.
Fold the large triangle back over and with your right hand holding the top right hand corner in place on the table.

Fold the tie in half so the lines you drew are touching which will make the top left hand section of the note now lift up.

Squash the left side down making a new fold.
Now open the neck tie out so you can see both lines again.
Repeat this process on the right side so that you have a neck tie and two creases along the top.

For clarification I shall refer to these two creases as top and bottom creases in the remaining instructions.

Fold the outside lengths of the note into the middle line on both sides.
This bit is slightly tricky…

Open your folds out, locate the bottom shoulder crease (my finger is pointing to it) and line it up with the top of the tie. Once you have done this crease it into place.

This will create slightly titled shoulders and the shirt can be tucked under the tie.
 Repeat this on both sides.

Fold up 5mm of the other end of the note.
Turn it all over with the shoulders at the top and the newest fold at the bottom.

We are now creating the collar.

Fold the bottom two corners up at an angle. You will immediately see that this has created a collar.

Fold up the bottom so the top of the collar almost reaches the bottom of the neck tie (2mm gap).
Open it back up again and from the fold you have just created (marked here with a pen) you will begin to form the sleeves.

Gently pull from the middle of this crease the edge of the note out and fold into place.

Do this on both sides to reveal the sleeves of the shirt.

 You can see from this photo that the shirt is starting to form. As you have folded the sleeves out you are forced to fold down the shirt.

Turn it over, and fold the top of the sleeves (pictured here at the bottom where the pen is aligned) to the bottom of the shoulders (pictured here at the top where my finger is pointing.
It looks like a complete mess but don't worry.

Lift up the collar so it just peaks over the shirt, and finally tuck the collar over the front of the shirt.

Congratulations…you have made a shirt and tie to wow anyone!

Why not use this as an exciting way to give to someone for their birthday, to leave as an interesting tip in a restaurant or just to entertain small children!

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