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Monday, 28 October 2013

Pumpkin Fun

It is time to adorn our front door with cheery pumpkins to welcome visitors into our home. 

The children are on holiday this week and so these pumpkins have been decorated by them. I am sure you could put an adult twist on any of these ideas, so let your creative imagination run wild.

Here are three of the children with their pumpkins, which are as varied in size as possible (the pumpkins not children!).

Firstly Jessie decorates the smallest pumpkin with glue and decoupage paper. I am really glad we choose the smallest pumpkin to decoupage because it ended up being the longest to decorate.

We used regular glue and decoupage paper bought from Hobby craft.

If you want to weather proof your pumpkin then you should coat it in varnish once finished.

Sadly I deleted the photo of it finished so you will have to look at the above photo to see the final pumpkin.

This tall pumpkin was the simplest to decorate.

I used an old pair of patterned tights that we stretched over the pumpkin.

Then tied an elastic band around the tights at the top and the bottom of the pumpkin.

We cut off the excess tights and wrapped a colourful ribbon around the top of the pumpkin.

I love this sophisticated looking pumpkin!

Now for some colour. We painted stripes of paint over the pumpkin using leftover wall paint, though I am sure you could use acrylic paint too.

Had I been more organised I would have used a ruler or masking tape to measure the stripes, but as it was the kids got to the pumpkin before me and you can see the result in the finished photo.

Finally Jack scrapes out the middle of our final pumpkin before we attacked it with an electric drill.

After putting the drill onto a slow speed I showed the children how to drill holes down the lines of the pumpkin.

I let them drill holes all over the pumpkin to make a beautiful pattern. When you light a candle in the pumpkin it makes the prettiest of sights.

Sadly my photographic skill are not good enough to capture this beauty in the dark, but you get an idea of it in this photograph, though I had to remove the top in order to get enough light to expose the photograph, so it looks much nicer normally.

Pumpkins don't need to be scary, why not spend some time making something beautiful and fun for your home out of these delicious vegetables.

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