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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Advent bunting

This craft combines two of my favourite things...bunting and advent!

It is a cheap but fabulous way to decorate your home this Christmas, and if you fill up your advent bags with goodies you will make it even more appealing.

These are the things you need: 24 sheets of thin card or paper (I used a Christmas pack from Wilkinsons for £2.50 for 30 sheets), string, glue, and a stapler.

You can handwrite the numbers, or I have used stamps.

The card I bought was already cut into 15 cm squares, so you will need to cut it to shape if you haven't done so already.

Begin by laying your square with a corner facing you, then fold the bottom right side over to create the first side of your cone. It is not an exact angle, so don't worry if it doesn't look right at this point.
Fold the left side over the right to make the cone shape and then staple or glue the two folds together. 

You will not see the staple once the top is folded over and so I have preferred staples over glue as I think it will hold better and not wrinkle the paper.

Fold the lid over to make a flap.

I have printed by numbers using stamps and an ink pad, but you could easily write your own numbers, or even print them on a computer.

Once you have finished your numbers, cut them out and stick them onto the lid of your cone.
I wanted to embellish a few of the cones and so I used red snowflakes to stick on a decorate. As the paper I have used is so decorative I really didn't want to over do any further embellishments, though this is obviously personal taste!

Now for the fun parts!

Fill up each cone with delicious chocolate treats, or little notes to those you love.

You are now ready to hang your bunting. Measure the space you want your bunting to hang and cut string 30cm longer, this will allow the bunting to hang down and leave enough string to tie up on each end.

Open the top flap of each cone and lay the string along the crease. Then fold back over trapping the string.
They should stay on the string without pinning them up, but I couldn't resist these little pegs which I used to peg the lid closed and secure them onto the string. 

Here is my finished advent bunting which hangs merrily in my kitchen as a wonderful reminder of this joyful Christmas season.

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