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Monday, 1 April 2013

Flower Pots

The front of our home lacks the warm welcome I want to embrace and so I have set about creating some beautiful and practical features. 

Here I am showing you how to make these pretty plant pots that I made for under £10 each.

These two pots were £2.99 from my local garden centre. They are terracotta pots and I thought the tall shape looked particularly elegant. 

I wanted to find a clear font for the numbers. These are the primary way of telling friends what number house we live in and so I spent some time looking through my fonts and in the end I googled 'number 7' and came up with an image that I liked.

I then drew the image freehand onto the pot with a pencil, which worked very well as I could rub it out easily if necessary. If you are not convinced with your freehand then I suggest you enlarge the image you want on a computer, print it and cut it out to use as a template.

I used a Masonry Paint from B&Q that I got for under £3. It came in a limited selection of colours, but if you want a different colour ask at your local hardware store who will be able to get the primary colours in Masonry Paint for double this price. 

I painted several layers of paint on my numbers and then decided that it needed something a bit prettier, so painted these small flowers around each number.

They are very easy to do with a small dot in the middle and six little petals around each one.

My advice is to be creative…Polka dots, lines, petals, hearts, stars…

And so here are my finished pots with a cheap IKEA plant in each one that cost me £4.50 each.
They have been outside for three days now and lots of people have already commented on them.

Happy Spring to you all and feel free to pop into number 76 whenever you fancy!

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