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Monday, 15 April 2013

Pink Party

My gorgeous Jessie was 8 this weekend and to celebrate she had a Pink Party!

This week's blog is detailing the party and food and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed the party.

Firstly I made these invitations out of matchboxes that I decorated with pretty wrapping paper and folded up the invite into them. Jessie loved handing out the little 'presents' to her friends.

The flower decorations you see in the above photo were made from felt. I then glued scrap fabric onto the middle of them and stuck a button on to finish. Finally I glued a wooden skewer onto the back of them and prodded them into tubs of oasis. These were such fun to make and made the table look smashing.

I wanted to make the food as pink as I could. You can see from the photos that the cake was fairly simple to design on the outside and yet once cut it revealed this brightly coloured sponge.

I made up a batch of Victoria sponge mixture and split it equally into five bowls. Then I dyed each bowl of mix varying shades of pink. I layered up each cake from dark to light, sandwiched with pink buttercream and raspberry jam.

I wanted to experiment with an icing technique where you melt the butter icing, leave it to cool a bit, and then pour it over the cake. I am not thrilled with the finished product but I had fun doing it and it was fun to do with my children.

For dessert I made jelly and ice-cream. I scooped out strawberry ice-cream into a shallow tray, froze it and then cut out stars with a cookie cutter. To make it easier to cut I dipped the cutter into boiling water before cutting the ice-cream. Then I put the ice-cream stars onto a sheet of baking paper and froze until the party.

I repeated this process with a tray of jelly, but using the fridge rather than freezer. The children really enjoyed making their own ice-cream sundaes with the ice-cream, jelly and pink sprinkles.

These are strange-looking but very delicious white-chocolate Rocky- Road. I melted white chocolate and mixed it with pink food colouring. Then my children chopped up pink wafer biscuits, cherries and pink marshmallows to mix into the chocolate. I put small spoonfuls of the mixture into a mini-muffin tin and let them set with freeze-dried strawberries sprinkled on the top. They were scrumptious!

Here are the girls drinking pink lemonade, with their face-painted with pink flowers and nails painted pink too.

The main activity of the party was decorating canvases that I bought for each child for £1 each from The Works. I wrote each child's name on their canvas and gave them loads of paint, glitter, buttons and craft materials to decorate them.

The girls were so creative with their boards and had so much fun in the process. These were not only a great activity but a lovely thing for each child to take home.

And finally I found these plastic wine cups in our local supermarket and filled them halfway up with pink sweets.

The cups were a perfect size to squeeze a cupcake into the top. I made each girl a pink cupcake that they decorated with pink icing and sprinkles. I hate buying party-bags, not because I want to stingy, but because they are normally filled with tat that I refuse to spend money on. These Sweet Sundaes were a lovely alternative to party-bags, and we topped each one off with a pink flower from the table decorations.

Do let me know if you have found this helpful in planning your own coloured party!

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