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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Billy's Football Party

Billy is 9 and still football crazy. He has had football parties before but was keen to have another one, with all the same friends he plays football with throughout every week!

So we invite @kickoffstroud to come and run an hour of football for the 19 boys and 1 brave girl who came.

The children had a blast running around the pitch playing organised games, and had worked up quite an appetite for the tea I had cooked them.

Here are a few pictures of the food: 

Football Cake: This was three sponge cakes individually iced, the bottom cake is decorated with a hexagon cutter so no need to work out complicated proportions that you normally need when doing a round football cake. Finally the football figure is one I bought for £2.50 in a cake decorating shop. I have no idea why I have never bought one before. They are normally very fiddly to make and the children hardly need the extra sugar!


Cake Pops always go down a treat with children. These are chocolate cake pops covered in Candy Melts, which you can buy in Hobby Craft for £2.99. They come in all colours and are easier to use than melted chocolate.

These Football Biscuits were made simply with a ginger biscuit base and icing made from egg white. The egg white gives a much firmer set and allows you to decorate more easily. I used a black icing pen to colour in the black pentagon shapes. 

Several parties ago I bought enough j20 bottles for my parties. Now, with the labels removed, I fill them up with orange squash and each child has one. When I am 
more organised I label each one so 
the children know which one is theirs. Most boys feel like their dad as they drink from their 'beer' bottle!

Here is the complete spread. I had some old curtain material that I used as a tablecloth. I used chopsticks with green card triangles for the signs, and a quick banner with Billy's name on it.

I have long ago tried to encourage children to eat ham or cheese sandwiches at a party. I do jam or marmite and they always all go!

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