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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Springtime Wreath

Springtime Wreath

I am a big fan of Christmas and almost everything that goes with it, so I was quite sad to take down our Christmas wreath which has decorated the front door so beautifully for the last month or two.

As the front door now looks so plain I decided to make a springtime wreath to welcome anyone who braves coming into our mad house!
This is a fun, and relatively easy project for you to do with school age children (my girls are 6 and 7 and enjoyed helping) or on your own!

I used a polystyrene ring that I bought for £1.39 at Craft Mill, a glue-gun and felt sheets.

I cut out circles of the felt (approx. 10cm diameter) and then cut a spiral into the middle leaving a small circle shape in the middle. This cut does not have to be accurate, and you can vary the size of the roses by cutting the spiral tighter to make a wider rose.

Now you roll the outside of the spiral round and round until you reach the centre when you should have a small circle of felt left to glue onto the bottom of the rose. I was pleasantly surprised to find that a small dap of glue held the whole rose in place.

Then, on the bottom of the rose I put another dap of glue and stuck it onto my polystyrene wreath. This process is relatively easy, and apart from the glue-gun was perfect for the children (and some of my willing visitors) to pick up. What is time consuming is to complete the large number of roses you need to cover the wreath. This is a 25cm wide wreath and it has just over 100 roses on it. There are ways to decrease this number, namely doing bigger roses, which you do with larger circles of felt.

My final tip is to build up your wreath by adding the same colour rose to different parts of the wreath. This has the massive benefit of knowing your wreath is well balanced with the colours you have chosen.
This is my finished Springtime Wreath, and here are two others that were much less time consuming to make. One is made out of wool that I wrapped around the wreath. It took 5 minutes to make and needed no gluing. And the other wreath is my Autumn Wreath which I made from strips of felt that I overlapped and stuck onto the back of the polystyrene wreath - this one took about an hour.

This post is dedicated to my good friend, and the inspiration behind this post - Cathy Hodges!

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