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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Fabric Notice Board

Fabric notice board

This is a cheap and quick way to make an attractive notice board. 

You will need:
a sheet of wadding
a piece of fabric 
a canvas board (or a sheet of MDF)
some buttons
a staplegun or tacs 
some fabric tape


I began by cutting my wadding to the same size as my board, then my fabric slightly larger. My canvas isn't very deep, but you must ensure that when pulled tight can stretch around all sides to the back and be pinned easily.

I then tacked the corners over the wadding and the board and once all four corners were tacked I then did the sides. At this point my husband suggested I use a staple gun instead, which actually would have been a much easier way of securing the fabric.

Here is the finished corner. By folding the corners in first you are able to achieve a much cleaner line.

If you have too much fabric then you can trim it off or tuck it under to neaten it up. This is not essential and no-one will see it anyway!

Now you are ready to start laying on the fabric tape. I measured out the gaps I wanted between my tape and pinned the tape in place along the back rim of the canvas.

You can see I have gone diagonally, but I have seen lots of horizontal and vertical ones which work just as well and are probably easier to align.

By pinning the tape tightly you achieve a more luxurious feel to your board, especially when you go to put the buttons on.
Once all the tape is in place you can decorate your board. You may want to leave it plain or you can sew buttons through the tape. 

I used a thick cotton thread and a large needle to thread through the canvas, wadding, material and tape to sew these buttons on. It is much easier than it sounds and personally I think it is the buttons which make the whole thing look finished.

If you don't want to sew you can easily glue-gun the buttons on, though it doesn't give the same puffed out look that sewing creates.

This project took me less than an hour, and it would have taken even less had I listened to my husband and used a staple-gun!

If you are interested in coming to a class to make one of these then please let me know as we will be running a session in the next few months.

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