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Monday, 28 January 2013

Children's Crayon Case

This is an idea I have seen in lots of craft fairs and it is something I have often thought is relatively easy and yet they seem particularly over priced.

In this weeks blog I am showing you how easy it is to make this simple roll up crayon case for a handbag which promises to keep the children happy for hours.

If you are not a needleworker but want to have a go, this is a really simple project to start with, and cost under £1.50 in materials.

Firstly I found this delightful piece of material, cut it (23cm-19cm) then folded each edge under and sewed it onto some felt leaving a small margin of felt around the outside.Once you have hemmed around the edge, turn it over and fold up one side 7cms and sew down the sides over the top of the hems you already sewed.

Most fabric shops will sell fabric in 10cm lengths. You can pick up some delightful pieces of material, I particularly like Lexi Loves and their beautiful range.

Depending on how thick your crayons are mark out with pins the sections you want. It is worth using the crayons to fit into pocket so you can see exactly how much space each one will need. Once you have done this make sure they are equal, then turn the whole thing over and use the pins you are already using to fix a length of ribbon to the back.

My mistake was not putting the ribbon down the centre of the back, instead I put it across the middle of the pocket section.

Turn it back over and sew from the bottom of the pocket to the top of the pocket along the pinned lines. Do make sure you only sew the ribbon on two of the lines (you may need to fold the ribbon away whilst sewing the rest of the lines.

And so here is the finished product. It rolls up and ties up for easy access and looks really cute. The children have been quite taken with it, and in terms of an easy project this is definitely it!

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